Minisforum shows off Ryzen 5 3550H APU based DMAF5 mini PCs

Minisforum is showing off the DMAF5 mini PC which unsurprisingly uses AMD Ryzen 5 3550H APU. Earlier this was spotted in IndieGoGo but recently the company behind this NUC-like (Next Unit of Computing) alternative is shown with real-world images. According to its Facebook page, Minisforum manufactures these in Pinghu, Guangdong, China.

According to the company, these should be priced around US$ 399 and start its availability by mid-July. Minisforum also said that its future variants will use the Ryzen 4000 series APUs that soon going to be released. This Ryzen 5 3550H is clocked at 2.1/ 3.7 GHz. This APU can power up to three 4K monitors at 60Hz with its VEGA 8 graphics.

I/O Options

This provides four USB 3.1 ports, dual-gigabit ethernet ports and USB C. The mini PC has dual slots support a total of 32GB DDR4-2400MHz SO-DIMM memory. It provides a single SATA and M.2 storage input. Usually, mini PCs have limited I/O options. In this situation, it is ready with USB Type-C and has enough USB ports for peripherals.

Based on its design, it doesn’t have any active fan cooling. It is hard to say if this will be the actual end product but with the launch date so close, its safe to assume that. Like many NUC like divided, this has vents on the base.

Seeing an AMD APU powered mini PC is refreshing as this market is dominated by Intel. While having a Ryzen 4000 series APU option would make sense, we’ll just have to wait when it is released. How powerful are these? We’ll just have to wait and watch. The information about Intel’s upcoming plans for its NUC series was leaked conveniently. Other manufacturers also make Intel NUCs variants. But not many of the mainstream partners make AMD equivalent. Maybe this will help change their minds? We shall see.

Source: CowGotLand

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