NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU Confirmed Via New Leak

MEGAsizeGPU has once again revealed the forthcoming RTX 40 box design, and this is not the first time they have done so. The same leaker had shared a template for RTX 4070 Ti while we were getting the final details on the latest RTX 40 GPU to be released this year. However, things are moving fast now, and NVIDIA is planning to introduce up to three new cards in the next few weeks.

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NVIDIA gives all its board partners the box and logo design templates beforehand. This enables them to prepare for the launch of new graphics cards and also adhere to NVIDIA’s design guidelines. The packaging is often printed well in advance, sometimes even a month earlier than the production of any graphics card.

Based on the template, it seems likely that the upcoming graphics card will be called the ‘RTX 4060 Ti’, but the product description doesn’t confirm any essential specifications. Therefore, we still need to verify whether it will have 8GB memory capacity or PCIe Gen4 x8 from other sources.

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As per the rumors, NVIDIA is planning to release the RTX 4060 GPU in May. It is speculated that the company will launch both the Ti and non-Ti models, but it’s unclear whether they will be released simultaneously.