NVIDIA GTX Titan Z Launch Date Postponed

NVIDIA’s Dual-GPU Geforce GTX Titan Z is supposed to launch tomorrow, but according to a report by Sweclockers the launch of the card has been delayed. It is unclear why NVIDIA will be postponing the card. Some say PR issues, others say that NVIDIA wants to make sure to card competes will against AMD’s R9 295X2.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z

So what is the answer to why NVIDIA is postponing the card? We all know that everyone is going to compare the Titan Z to the R9 295X2. Did NVIDIA do some testing and find out that the R9 295X2 was too close in comparison in gaming or even performed better? Remember that the Titan Z is not just a gaming card, it is made for both gamers and professionals that are on a budget. While it is going to have better D.P. performance than any other consumer card on the market D.P. is rarely if ever used in gaming.

If NVIDIA is going back to make tweaks on the card what will they be? Will they increase the clocks and maybe move to an AIO cooler? We will have to see.

Source: Sweclockers | News Archive

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