NVIDIA Launches RTX Video Super Resolution Technology

NVIDIA has made it possible to use their super resolution technology for videos by incorporating it into their latest graphics driver release. If you own a GeForce RTX 40 or RTX 30 GPU, you can now enhance the visual quality of your video content. NVIDIA recently introduced a new technology, the RTX Video Super Resolution, which was announced last month for improved viewing experience.

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The latest driver from NVIDIA enables this technology to work on supported browsers, such as Chrome or Edge, (although it has not been tested on other Chromium browsers). This technology is compatible with various online streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, or Hulu and can upscale the resolution even on 5K screens.

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NVIDIA has stated that video upscaling can only be activated manually through the control panel. Users can access this option by going to Video > Adjust video image settings > RTX video enhancement. Within this section, there are four quality settings ranging from level 1 to 4. It is important to note that level 4 offers the highest quality but requires more GPU resources.

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NVIDIA suggests using quality mode 1 for all RTX 30/40 GPUs, while higher-end GPUs such as XX70 class and above are capable of playing content at level 4. Although NVIDIA has promised support for the RTX 20 series, it is not expected to be available anytime soon. The company says that the algorithm needs to be reworked for the RTX 20 series, which will take some time.