Netac Unveils Silver-Plated DDR5-8000 RGB Z Memory Series

Netac is getting ready to release its latest and greatest DDR5 memory called the “Hurricane Z RGB series”, which boasts of lightning-fast speed. The new kits will come in either 2×16 or 2×32 GB options and will feature sleek silver-plated or black memory heat spreaders. These kits have already been sent out to the first Chinese media outlets for them to try out and give their feedback.

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NETAC is a company that specializes in products that use flash memory, like storage devices, thumb drives, and system memory. They had already released their DDR5 memory series last year, but it didn’t have the high clocks that other companies are currently prioritizing.

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It seems that NETAC is set to join the select few companies that offer memory with a speed of 8000 MT/s, which is based on the latest DDR5 standard. This memory will be compatible with both Intel and AMD systems, although the full speed may not always be attainable.

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It’s worth noting that the 8000 MT/s kit is just the fastest option that NETAC will offer. They will also have their Z RGB series available at other speeds, such as 6000, 6200, 6600, 7200, 7600, and 8000 MT/s. The timings of the memory will vary, as will the voltage, but it won’t exceed 38-48-48-128 at 1.5V, which is the specification for the fastest kit.

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Regarding availability, you can find other NETAC DDR5 memory products on e-commerce websites like Amazon. However, this specific kit has not been listed there or on NETAC’s international website. It’s possible that this product will only be available in the Chinese market for a while.

Via MyDrivers, Netac