SSTC To Offer Its PCIe 5.0 SSD With 10074/10227 MB/s Read And Write Sequential Speeds

A Vietnamese storage company is about to release its first PCIe Gen5 storage product. The Tiger Shark SSD has been sent out for review, and the first samples are available. This new storage device is based on the PCIe Gen5 interface and NVMe 2.0 protocol. Currently, the only known capacity is a 2TB version, which is similar to the other Gen5 storage products already on the market.

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The SSD uses the Phison E26 controller and is rated to endure up to 1400 TBW. It comes with a heatsink that has optional RGB lighting. Users have the choice of either removing the ‘Tiger Shark Series’ label to place the storage device under the motherboard heatsink or adding a custom ‘SSTC Boost’ heatsink with RGB lighting if their motherboard doesn’t come with one. It’s unclear whether the heatsink is sold separately or included with the product.

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What’s even more significant is that the storage has already undergone testing on the Intel Z690 and AMD B650E platforms. While both chipsets support PCIe Gen5 storage, Intel has a limited number of lanes for this standard. As a result, using Gen5 storage could reduce the number of available lanes for the GPU. However, in this instance, no discrete GPUs were used, so this limitation didn’t have an impact.

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The storage device provides almost identical performance on both platforms, achieving sequential read and write speeds of 10074/10227 MB/s on Intel and 10092/10222 MB/s on AMD. It’s been reported that the SSTC Gen5 storage will be available for purchase soon, but there’s no official launch date yet. The expected price is around 8,999,999 VND, which is roughly $379. Other Gen5 SSDs are also available at similar prices.

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