NVIDIA responds to RTX 3080 launch day stock issue criticism with an FAQ

NVIDIA has been facing the heat ever since the orders for the RTX 3080 opened. The cards were in limited quantity, NVIDIA did not anticipate the demand, and most of the stock ended up being swiped by scalpers. NVIDIA has now posted an FAQ in response to the criticism.

A couple of days ago, NVIDIA apologized for the launch day stock issues. Now, it has posted an FAQ on the GeForce blog. The FAQ reiterates that they underestimated the demand. NVIDIA also assures that the card is in full production.

Apparently it’s not that NVIDIA had lower units than usual ready, but that the demand itself was unusually high. The FAQ also says that they’re combating scalpers:

“As with many other etailers, the NVIDIA Store was also overrun with malicious bots and resellers. To combat this challenge we have made the following changes: we moved our NVIDIA Store to a dedicated environment, with increased capacity and more bot protection. We updated the code to be more efficient on the server load. We integrated CAPTCHA to the checkout flow to help offset the use of bots. We implemented additional security protections to the store APIs. And more efforts are underway.”

That’s a good move. NVIDIA also canceled bot orders and manually screened them to ensure the cards were going to real users. We can expect the pre-orders to go much smoother now since NVIDIA seems to be actively working on making it up to its consumers.

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