Apple Devices Manage To Have The Highest Satisfaction Score According To the American Customer Satisfaction Index

According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index, Apple’s Macs and iPads still manage to secure the highest satisfaction score among PC and tablet makers in 2020. The Household Appliance and Electronics Report showed that Apple earned an ACSI score of 82, which is one point less than the previous year. Despite this, Apple’s Satisfaction score outranked a bunch of other renowned names.

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“The overall industry rankings mimic results from the cell phone industry, where Apple and Samsung have long been locked in a two-way battle at the top for customer satisfaction. Despite slipping 1%, Apple leads the PC industry with an ACSI score of 82 that matches its rating in the cell phone industry. Samsung again holds second place, just a point lower at 81–a score that also matches its cell phone rating.

Both Apple and Samsung have shown high and stable customer satisfaction for the past five years–separated by just a point in all but one of those years. Apple continues to beat the field across the entire customer experience, receiving its highest mark for design. Samsung shines when it comes to value, rating best in class among all PC makers.”

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If you visit the ACSI website and view the benchmarks, you will observe that Apple has beaten many companies like Samsung, Acer, Amazon, etc.

Laptops, tablets, and desktop machines are included in the scores. If you subcategorize the scores, you will realize that Apple and Samsung are equal for customer satisfaction in tablets, and they both are also dominating the laptop rankings. Margins for desktop scores are relatively narrow.

It indeed is a clear victory for Apple and surely is beneficial for them too as they are gearing up for the iPhone 12 launch. Both Apple and Samsung are getting better with time and their competition is actually better for the consumers.