Xiaomi Might Launch 240 Hz, 360 Hz 1080p Gaming Monitors Starting at $148

A new leaked report claims that Xiaomi is planning to capture the gaming monitor market by releasing monitors with high refresh rates at affordable prices.

As per the report, the company is preparing to announce a new 1080p high refresh rate monitor on November 11. Sources are still not sure whether the monitor will have a refresh rate of 240hz or 360hz. Xiaomi might release two new monitors instead of one.

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Xiaomi plans to penetrate the tech market by offering the high refresh rate monitor with a starting price of $148, which is unbelievable. The Diagonal length of the monitor is expected to be in the 24.5-inch range, and the 1080p will be the maximum resolution provided with these high refresh rates. Uncertainty is there regarding the use of panel technology, but some suggest AUO’s IPS solution will be used while others say TN panel is compulsory to achieve these prices.

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The monitor can be pretty attractive for budget gamers but we are all aware of the fact that these high refresh rates are pretty hard to achieve due to CPU limitations.

Via Notebookcheck