NVIDIA Silently Relaunching RTX 30-series with “Lite Hash Rate” Silicon

I’m sure many of you remember when the RTX 3060 launched the big story was that it had a hash rate limiter for Ethereum mining workloads. Even though this limiter has been effectively defeated by miners it appears that the whole idea of hash rate limiting is being expanded within NVIDIA. New reports are that NVIDIA is silently updating the silicon on their RTX 30-series cards to include a hash rate limiter, which in turn would cause many miners to pick up their new CMP (Crypto Mining Processor) cards instead.

Apparently these new cards will be indistinguishable from those currently in the market or in transit. Internally NVIDIA is calling the revised silicon “Lite Hash Rate” and that is what they are communicating to AIBs. The new “Lite Hash Rate” silicon will be used in the RTX 3060 all the way up to the RTX 3080 Ti. The only card not getting this treatment is the RTX 3090, which we assume NVIDIA knows costs too much to be attractive to miners.

nvidia lite

The new chips will carry an update to their SKU identification, so the GA102-200 which powers the RTX 3080 will be revised to GA102-202. Expect these new “Lite” cards to hit shelves in June.

Via VideoCardz

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