Intel Tiger Lake Refresh is Coming to Ultra-Thin Notebooks This Year

Intel will launch multiple architectures in 2021, including the Tiger Lake-H. The Tiger Lake-H is further categorized into 4 groups, and Anand tech claims that the series will be divided into 5 groups soon. The website also states that Intel will launch the Tiger Lake-Refresh that will provide a minor clock speed increase compared to the Tiger Lake-U series.

Anand Tech also said that Intel has no plans to refresh any other Tiger Lake architecture. However, refreshed version of the H35 series like the Core i7-11390H have been spotted, which questions the authenticity of AnandTech’s report.

The recent teaser from ASUS for Tiger Lake-H-based notebooks indicates that Tiger Lake-H(45) series will likely be released in two weeks. On the other hand, we should not expect the TGL-U till at least Q3 2021, as Intel will launch its Alder Lake mobile series during the second half of 2021. This means that TGL-R might be launched at a similar time as the Alder Lake and will cater to the lower end of the mobile Intel CPU spectrum.

Via AnandTech

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