NVIDIA Teases Ampere Launch? 21 Day Countdown Begins

Earlier today NVIDIA posted some type of teaser video on their official Twitter account with the hashtag #UltimateCountdown. The video itself is quite vague, we see some type of big bang…

While the video does not tell us that much, we noticed that NVIDIA has changed their header image to the one you see below. The image says “The #ULTIMATECOUNTDOWN 21 DAYS. 21 YEARS.” 21 days from now is August 31st 2020, which is the 21st anniversary of the announcement of the GeForce 256 (released on October 11th 1999). For those wondering the GeForce 256 is considered by NVIDIA to be “the world’s first ‘GPU’, or Graphics Processing Unit”. It was manufactured on TSMC’s 220 nm process and the “256” refers to the “256-bit QuadPipe Rendering Engine”, rather than the amount of RAM on board (32MB).

nvidia tease 21

So what should we expect in 21 days? Many rumors say Ampere will have a 30% uplift over current NVIDIA RTX 2000 series cards. Another interesting rumor is that this series will be called 2100 rather than 3000, so instead of RTX 3080 we could see the RTX 2180!

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