NVIDIA Teases an Announcement for March 19th

It looks like NVIDIA is teasing something (likely an announcement) for March 19th. Their ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) Twitter handle posted a very interesting animation (now deleted), which showed the shape of an eye tracking two points of light crossing its iris. While this date is before the March 22nd date of GTC 2020, many people have said that this might be related to NVIDIA’s foveated rendering technology that was demonstrated way back at SIGGRAPH 2016.

nvidia anz

The whole idea of foveated rending is rather interesting. NVIDIA uses eye-tracking to ensure that areas of the frame you are looking at and rendered in greater detail than others, this will in-turn conserve system resources and improve performance. This is achieved by tracking your foveal vision (the primary part of your vision focused on detail), while shedding resources on parts of the frame that fall within your peripheral vision. Below is a video presentation of the tech from 2016.

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