Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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NVIDIA to Detail New Mainstream GPU at Hot Chips Symposium in August

Gamers have been waiting for NVIDIA’s next generation mainstream GPU for a while now. At first we thought it was Volta, but that turned out to be for professional, computing-intensive scenarios. Next was Turing, which by what we can tell is made specifically for crypto-currency mining.

It looks like we will get information on NVIDIA’s next generation mainstream GPU at the Hot Chips Symposium which takes place August 19-21. If you look at the program details it lists a talk by NVIDIA’s Stuart Oberman, titled “NVIDIA’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU” to be held on August 20th. This should be exactly as it reads, an introduction to NVIDIA’s next generation GeForce GPU, or it could be an announcement itself.

If this turns out to be a basic introduction to the GPU and architecture then it looks like we won’t have an NVIDIA GPU announcement at Computex next week…

Bob Buskirk
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