NVIDIA Unveils RTX A6000 48 GB Professional Graphics Card Accelerators

Today, NVIDIA announced the RTX A6000 graphic card series. This series will act as graphics accelerators for the professional workload. The announcement also confirms that NVIDIA has dropped the plan to market the series as Quadro.

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The RTX A6000 features a full-blown GA102 chip, with 10752 CUDA cores that are capable of powering up to 38.7 TFLOPs of single-precision compute performance. It also features 48GB GDDR6 RAM. The card has 4 Display Ports only, thus lacks HDMI.

A classic blower type cooler is used to keep the card cool. The RTX A600 also supports NVIDIA vGPU virtualization technologies. You are provided with a new low profile NVlink bridge that synchronizes the two cards operating within the same system.

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You can preorder the card for $5500, but the availability remains an issue as NVIDIA has failed to provide graphic cards to one of it’s biggest customers, data centers.

Via Nvidia