NVIDIA Will Launch GeForce RTX 3090 Ti On January 27th And RTX 3070 Ti 16GB On January 11th

NVIDIA is all set to launch its GeForce RTX3090 To on January 27th and the new RTX3070 16GB on January 11th

The newly leaked embargoed document listing of RTX 3090 Ti launch date is so recent that it lacks the announcement date. NVIDIA leaks confidential dates to its board partners which also incorporates the launch dates of the upcoming products such as ‘review sample seeding’, ‘reviews’, ‘product announcement’ or ‘on shelf’ dates.

NVIDIA RTX 3090Ti Launch Date


The primary information leaked by NVIDIA about the RTX3090 Ti only has the on-shelf date which is supposed to be 27th January. In addition, we have been informed that NVIDIA will be announcing it’s RTX3070 Ti 16GB graphics card on 17th December. To be precise, this card will be released on January 11th, 2022. It is rumored that the card will come with the already used CUDA core count as the 8GB model and will have the same clock speeds. This translates into a full GA104 GPU (GA104-401 to be exact) with 6144 cores. NVIDIA board partners do not predict this model to be faster than the 8GB model.


As RTX 3050 has the same launch date as the RT3090 Ti, Videocardz is finally able to draft a list of all the GPUs available by January 2022. They are also working on finding the launch date of RTX3080 12 GB.

Via VideoCardz