NVIDIA’s Quad-slot Cooler For GeForce RTX 40 Series Pictured

Recent images of a purported prototype cooler for the NVIDIA RTX 40 have emerged on social media. The photos were initially shared on the Goofish platform, known for second-hand hardware sales, even though this particular product was never officially released. The quad-slot cooler seems to align with earlier leaks, showcasing a sizable heatsink with a PCB mounted on one side, running parallel to the motherboard. If accurate, this would mark the introduction of an unprecedented PCB design for consumer graphics cards.

IMG 6119

A persistent problem with this leak is that it has been associated with multiple product names, such as RTX 4090 Ti, RTX 4090, or the upcoming TITAN. However, it is evident that this particular cooler design was indeed considered for the TITAN, as previously leaked images showcased its distinct gold cooler shroud. Simultaneously, the GPU frame refers to an RTX 4090 GPU, which insiders familiar with the situation explain as an early prototype cooler that was not ultimately selected for the final design.

Considering the considerable duration that this prototype cooler has been circulating, one could speculate that it may never be employed in an actual RTX 40 GPU. Nevertheless, it is intriguing how it resurfaces periodically, revealing more subtle aspects each time. This cooler is specifically designed for a board labeled as PG137, which is currently not utilized by any available SKU. However, if NVIDIA has a similar board in their labs, it could quickly be associated with this cooling design.

IMG 6120

One of the most notable characteristics of this cooler, apart from the PCB’s 90-degree angle, is the arrangement of stacked display connectors. This arrangement logically aligns with the positioning of the PCB on the right side.

Undoubtedly, this cooler holds significant collector’s value. However, the quantity produced and whether it is still being considered for any future graphics card SKU remains uncertain. Additionally, it is important to note that this cooler is not practical for enthusiasts as it necessitates a specific PCB design, rendering it incompatible with any other graphics card.

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