NVIDIA’s Teases Ada Architecture In Latest Video

The new teaser for the NVIDIA GeForce beyond event is getting the attention of its target audience. The teaser is for the upcoming Ada architecture. On Twitter, the teaser posted a “Diagram for the computation by the engine of the numbers of Bernoulli.”

NVIDIA ADA Teaser 1200x494 1

The 1843 chart was created by Ada Lovelace and was created for Charles Babbage’s analytical engine and is considered the first non-trivial computer program. NVIDIA now confirms that the RTX series is based on the Ada architecture. Most readers would be interested in several hidden pieces of information.

The teaser shown yesterday had some fascinating messages for its target audience. There is a sticky note shown on which several numbers are mentioned, which may be referring to the specs of the AD102 GPU. This could also be the size of the die (629 mm2) and the number of transistors (75.38B). The first number is unclear, but according to some experts, it may be 2.08x higher performance than GA102.

RTX40 hero

Another highlight of this new development is that NVIDIA will announce 3 RTX 40 GPUs in the coming few days, namely RTX 4090, RTX 4080 16 GB, and 12GB. Only the first model is expected to be launched in October next month; the company will likely share more information about the upcoming GPUs shortly.