NVIDIA’s Tegra 6 ‘Parker’ to be out in 2014

There is one word circling around quite prominently in the graphics world and it is the Nvidia’s Tegra 5 which is featuring the mobile variant of the Kepler Architecture. The current day graphics will surely start to get inferior under the influence from this mobile graphics solution. Following this will be the next in line, the NVIDIA’s Tegra 6 which will be the Powerhouse behind the 64bit Androids of 2014. This is going to be the mobile variant of the Maxwell Architecture and will be supported by complete 64 Bit Support.


The 64 Bit Mobile Industry Standard is becoming widely known and most sought after following the iOS 64 Bit release. This might not be such a clever decision or lead to take after all. This is because the current mobiles don’t extend support for RAMs beyond 2 GB whereas the 64 bit support requires a minimum level of 4 GB. Moving back to the Nvidia Tegra 6 features, it will feature the Denver CPU. This generates a bit of confusion as it had been previously reported that the Denver won’t be out will the year 2015 whereas the Tegra 6 is going to make its appearance somewhere in 2014. This clearly indicates that the Denver will also be released before that. Tegra 5 still hasn’t made its way to the launch and we are already hearing about the Tegra 6 which looks like Nvidia is not giving a lot of time to Tegra 5.


Source: WCCFTech | News Archive