Analysts Forecast Next Gen Won’t Outsell Current Gen Consoles

ABI Research has recently put forward its view that PS4 and Xbox One, the next generation gaming consoles, will not be able to outsell the predecessors. In first five years, the current Gen has managed to get a sale of approximately 140 Million Units and the sales for the next Gen will fall by 5 % as reported by the ABI’s research team. Whether we agree with this report or not, that’s solely up to us and it looks like most of us would be disagreeing after a mere period of three months. One of the reasons included in this report was that the next Gen was lacking the solid titles and first party franchises and this won’t allow them to outsell the first Gen. though we have certain arguments on which can surely disagree and believe otherwise.


The first point to consider is the effects of the Chinese market. The report might be a little misleading when it comes to this point because at that time, the Chinese market hadn’t opened up completely and the ban was lifted later on 30th September.

The report was published soon after the console executives were revealed and hence it gave only two days and this time is certainly not enough to estimate the console exclusive impact. First the exclusives should be taken into account; Deep Down for PS4 and Rise for Xbox One. And the cult following of these will leave you to wonder whether they really have solid titles or not as this cult following is massive.

One other thing misleading in the report is the thought of mobile devices being used interchangeably with the consoles. This fact is obscurely wrong since these two devices aren’t mutually exclusive. The ABI research tends to ignore the human nature and focuses more towards the number crunches and the chaotic situation of trends has made it difficult to determine the future of these consoles.

Lastly, it is widely believed that the results from the ABI report would have differed had the research team talked to the console community. The cult following as mentioned above is scoring high for these consoles and not many will be bothered by the mistakes being made in the Next gen consoles hence nothing of such sort can be deduced from the report that they will not be able to outsell.

Source: ABI Research | News Archive