Sapphire Releases Passively Cooled AMD FirePro S10000

AMD’s FirePro S10000 is one of the highest end workstation graphics card you can get from AMD. The S10000 is a dual GPU card and Sapphire has just released a passively cooler version of the card. This means that it is completely cooled by large heatsinks and no fans.

Sapphire AMD FirePro S10000

So why passively cool a dual GPU card? Well since this is a workstation card that will most likely be used in server situations with multiple cards. Having multiple cards installed in a server will hinder airflow so having them all passively cooled then actively cooled by an external airflow system makes more sense.

Sapphire AMD FirePro S10000

The specifications of the card are as follows:

Memory: 3GB x2
Cores: 1792:112:32 x2
Fab: 28 Nm
Chip: Tahiti PRO

No word yet on pricing, but we expect it to be around the same as the normal FirePro S10000, which sells for around $3100. For those wondering the handle you see on the back is to help you install and remove it from multi-card configurations.

Source: Sapphire | News Archive

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