New Video Shows off the Steam Controller’s Functionality

Valve has just released a demonstration trailer that shows how their newly announced Steam Controller works with actual gameplay showing off its flexibility, customization options and innovative functionality.

Steam Controller

The video shows both live gameplay session as well as a close up of the user with Valve’s Steam Controller. The video also shows two completely different types of games. Portal 2 is shown, which is a first person shooter and Civilization 5 is shown which is a tactical strategy game. The controller shown in the video below is the same one that will be shipped with the 300 BETA Steam Machines Valve plans on sending out.

I have to say the Steam Controller does look very fluid in the video. Not only in FPS games but other games that they showed as well. The dual trackpad design really works well with PC games that are made to be used with a keyboard and mouse.

Also keep in mind that the controller itself is fully mappable and customizable with a mass array of key bindings.

Steam Controller

Valve will be rolling out new Steam Controller videos in the future and when they come out we will be sure to update you.

Source: Valve | News Archive

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