NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler Review

Testing & Conclusion
The NZXT Cyro E-40 Laptop Cooler is a top notch product. Not only is it a 100% portable laptop cooler, it is light weight and has a solid build construction. The fans are very quiet and the ability to move them on the metal grid to any position under the laptop is an amazing way to optimize cooling.

All that being said I think you need to understand that this is a $30 cooler and might not be optimized for your specific needs. Would I recommend this as an option for a desktop replacement? Maybe. The fact remains that this is a laptop powered device meaning that the guts (the part that provides the cooling) might not be as robust and powerful as you need it to be. I primarily used the cooler in two environments. The first environment was at work. My work laptop is a 13” HP model with and extended battery. Surprisingly this particular model is known for overheating just idling on the desk. Using the cooler I had no issues. The other primary function was lying in bed watching TV shows or movies. In this instance I had no issues regarding my lap getting hot or the fans drowning out the sound of what I was watching. In these instances I couldn’t have been happier. The only other time I used the cooler was with an older desktop replacement laptop I had playing StarCraft 2. After sometime without the use of the cooler the laptop would get extremely hot. With the use of the cooler I was seeing a drop of almost 15°F at the base of the laptop with the use of an infrared gun I borrowed from my workplace. In some instances that drop in temperature would be quite significant but in others, such as encoding sessions or lengthy gaming sessions, you or your system won’t be able to tell the difference.

For $30 I don’t know of many products that look as good and function as well as the Cyro E-40. This is a primary example of you getting what you pay for. If you expect this cooler to function like a $30 cooler you will be very happy with your product. If you expect it to be a high-end desktop replacement cooler you’re going to be let down. It comes down to your perception of the product. All I know from reviewing this product is the days of not knowing the true purpose of a Laptop cooler have come and gone and my thighs have never been happier. Overall ThinkComputers gives the NZXT Cryo E40 Notebook Cooler an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small


  • Metal base
  • Movable fans
  • USB powered
  • Cost


  • Cooling potential