NZXT Kraken X62 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Final Thoughts
Finishing this review gives me mixed feelings. The Kraken X62 is another fine example of what can be accomplished when companies are paying attention to what users want. It’s a unique looking cooler that has features you won’t find anywhere else or really any other coolers that come even close. It does this while still being a top performing cooler. In fact it ranks 7th overall in our liquid cooling test group! On the other hand, that 7th is behind it’s slightly smaller and slightly cheaper sibling, the X52. Perhaps if the overclocked load test had been longer it would have won out, in the end that is of course purely speculation. It’s not really a bad thing either, the performance is still fantastically good and borders on custom watercooling loop levels. The fit and finish is also something to be admired, as is the ease of installation.

As I said with the X52 the only downside to this product is the price and here with the X62 it’s a little bit more severe. The X62 can be found for $159.99. This puts it squarely into the price range of entry level custom watercooling kits which will certainly win in a performance fight. The choice comes down to whether you want that amazing infinity mirror or not.

Overall we would like to award the NZXT Kraken X62 with a 9 out of 10 score!

Award 9 out of 10

– Superb aesthetics
– Fit and finish are perfect
– Easy installation
– Performance

– Without any additional performance gains it’s $10 more than the Kraken X52