OCZ Vertex 3 240GB Solid State Drive Review

Testing – HDTune Pro
HDTune Pro is one of the most popular hard drive software suites available. It has many different benchmarks and tests built into it.  Keep in mind it is a single-threaded application though.  Our first test is the read benchmark, which tests the average read speed and access time of the drive.

hdtune read

hdtune read graph

Scores are very good here you can see it is the fastest drive out of the pack, although it did not get up to the 550MB/s advertised speed.  This is most likely because of the HDTune software itself.  Now for the write benchmark.

hdtune write

hdtune write graph

Since the release of HDTune 3.5 there has been a new Random Access test added to the software. This test measures the performance of random read and write operations. Tests are taken in 512b, 4KB, 64KB, 1MB, and random file sizes. The performance of the drive is reported in operations a second (IOPS), average access time and average speed. Here are both the results from the read and write random access tests.

hdtune io read

hdtune io write

Ok looking at the results I was a tad bit disappointed.  As always I like to see over 5000 IOPS in the 4K test.  And in both tests the 4K IOPS were just over 5000.  Now if we look at the 1MB results we can see that drive can write 313 files each second, which is pretty impressive as the Vertex 2 drive can only write 195 files.

Our final HDTune Pro test is the file benchmark.

hdtune file

As you can see here the drive tops out at 520MB/s read and 500MB/s write, definitely impressive!

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