Official Radeon R9 290 Series Specifications Leaked

So many people had been looking forward to AMD’s most awaited Radeon R9 290X but since the price turned out to be quite heavy on the budget, most of them had been disappointed. With this R9 290X, AMD has definitely planned to target a different population and deliberately placed this X model in the upper section. But this disappointment has been curtailed to a great level with the second SKU from AMD which is based on the Hawaii silicon. As compared to the R9 290X, this one is definitely going easy on the wallet.

Specifications of both the models, the R9 290X and the much more affordable in contrast R9 290, have been unveiled by some of the Japanese retailers. As soon as the R9 290X was announced by AMD, there were rumors circulating the web pages about the specs of it and it turns out that most of the specs revealed do match the rumored ones. It is equipped with 2,816 stream processors, up to 1000 MHz of GPU clock and offers single-precision floating point performance of 5.16 TFLOP/s. it also features a GDDR5 memory of 4 GB with a memory interface of 512-bit. The interface is clocked at 5.00 GHz and this generates a bandwidth of 320 GB per second.

AMD R9 Series Specifications

The newly revealed specifications of the R9 290 show that it supports 2,560 stream processors, up to 948 MHz GPU clocks and 4.9 TFLOP/s single-precision floating point performances. The entire memory details are similar to the ones present in the R9 290X model.

Identical combination of power connectors, 8-pin PCIe and 6-pin PCIe are featured on both the cards and both the models fully provide hardware support for DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.3, and Mantle.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara | News Archive