The PS4 Controller will Support PC Play Out of the Box

There is one feature that many of the gamers want in their controllers and PS4 might just be on the right track with its clever incorporation of the PC compatibility. With this particular feature, the PS4 has definitely charmed the fans. On the other hand, Xbox seems to be still struggling with the idea of introducing PC capability in their controllers. With this introduction, it might have been evident by now that this isn’t any other mainstream Xbox and PS comparison article; this one is going to be quite simple and to the point and it’s pretty obvious that this one goes right out at the PS4 team.

PlayStation 4 Controller

The bottom line is that the PS4 and Xbox can well exploit the niche of gamers; regardless of the fact that they play on PCs or their gaming consoles. It is not to be forgotten that every console gamer was once a PC player and many still like to go back to that routine every once in a while hence they will all prefer to have controllers which will also work with PCs.

The PS4 controller will be offering basic functions of Analog Sticks and General Inputs out of the box and the advanced features will be added up later on. These will include the Analog Triggers, Motion Detector and the Light Strip. As compared to this, the Xbox still has a long way to go as its PC compatibility won’t be launched till the next year (2014). This is quite a low blow for the Xbox team as upon launch their competitor is going to offer PC compatibility while they won’t.

Source: PC Advisor | News Archive