Offline Tips to Improve Your Online Business

If you’ve been scouring the internet researching ways to improve your online business, you might find yourself slowly going comatose by the onslaught of information. Furthermore, you might be incredibly bored from reading the same, old, tired tips and tricks for boosting your online business performance.

It’s true that getting ahead with your online business demands smart online strategies.  However, blending in offline efforts with your online tactics can lead to impressive results.

What You Probably Already Know (or Should Know)

Let’s get real.  As an online business owner, you likely already know you need a fast website.  The fact that more than 50% of internet users click out of a website that doesn’t load within the first 3 seconds is probably not lost on you either.  And if you’re not already aware, Google penalizes slow-loading websites, pushing sluggish websites way down on search results rankings.

Furthermore, it’s a no-brainer that buggy websites will not generate sales.  Business websites that are not protected and susceptible to cyberattacks or hacking simply don’t cut the mustard and are certainly doomed to fail.  That is why smart online business owners such as yourself know that obtaining a secure WordPress hosting solution and taking every measure to keep your website safe and speedy is crucial.

What You Might Not Know

Most business website owners are completely consumed with online strategies to improve their brand, increase traffic and generate sales. That’s logical, and a fair tact for any business owner striving to do well online.  Nonetheless, while obsessing over online marketing and on-page website optimization, many business owners forget the beauty and effectiveness of offline efforts to improve business.

While some may argue that offline marketing and networking have gone the way of the dinosaurs, there is proof that offline strategies are not extinct.  Furthermore, combining offline and online game plans together can make all the difference in your online business success.  Read further about a few offline tricks you can employ in order to gain a winning edge for your online business.

Think Locally

Doing your diligence by implementing smart, on-site search engine optimization (SEO) is a definite must to improve your online business. However, you can also leverage the offline world by recruiting localized information.  For instance, did you know that, according to local SEO statistics, 72% of consumers conduct local searches before purchasing?

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar business, customers want to know where their products originate.  Furthermore, they want to know about the history, community, and background of the business owners from which they are purchasing. You can take advantage of this in several ways.

Tips to Leverage the Power of Community

Firstly, hit the streets of your local community and get the word out about your online business.  Hand out business cards, send out mailers, or perhaps even invest in billboard advertising.  You can even put ads in your local newspaper about your online business.

Secondly, embed a Google map of your business address. 86% of consumers look up business addresses on Google Maps. Therefore, embedding a Google Map on your website will lend credence to your business brand.

Lastly, take advantage of Google Business Pages. Claim your page, and include information about your business.  This will work in your favor for getting ranked on Google search results and help your customers find you both online and offline.

Rethink Your Packaging

Increasingly, consumers are becoming more and more choosy about what and from whom they buy.  For younger demographics, it’s not always about getting the cheapest deal; it’s more about the whole experience of the purchase. This is why you should rethink your packaging.

Spend a bit more on high-quality or even recyclable packaging and let your customers know your package materials are earth-friendly. This may sound like a gimmick, but now more than ever, consumers are buying from businesses that are committed to environmental conservation.

Furthermore, include a personalized note before shipping off your products.  Add your business social media details, and of course, include your website address.  This might seem like an insignificant gesture, but a personalized “thank you for your purchase” note with your business details goes a long way towards repeat business. You’d be surprised at how a thoughtful gesture like this leaves a lasting impact on your customers.

Don’t Shy Away From Unconventional Marketing Strategies

While online strategies can certainly improve your online business, don’t forsake the potential and power of offline marketing. If you don’t already, start capturing physical addresses from your subscribers and customers. Then, start sending them circulars in the mail with special discounts. You might think snail mail is a dead art in the marketing world, but it can still be effective if done correctly and creatively.

There are other ways you can dovetail offline with online practices in order to improve your online business.  With a little innovation and brainstorming, you are bound to come up with unique ways you can harness the power of offline strategies in order to invigorate your online business.