OLED Panels For PC Monitors Coming in 2019

JOLED, the Japanese Display, Sony, and Panasonic group has announced that new OLED solutions for PC monitors are expected to hit the market in 2019. We’ve seen OLED screens make their way into smartphones and TV’s, but we have yet to see them in PC monitors. This is likely to some of the issues OLED display’s have had (burn-in).

oled panel

Many of the characteristics of OLED displays would make them perfect for the gaming crowd, especially the response time of 0.1 ms. OLED displays will enter the market with 21.6-inch displays. The first is a 1080p display geared towards gamers that will launch in partnership with Japanese e-sports team Burning Core. The second is a 4K display which will be in the form of ASUS’ Proart PQ22UC. There is also word of a 27-inch panel being developed for smart home applications.

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