One-Netbook Announces OneXGPU; World’s First eGPU With M.2 SSD Slot, Oculink Support And Vapor Chamber

One-Netbook has recently unveiled the OneXGPU, a compact external GPU featuring an AMD Navi 33 GPU, specifically the Radeon RX 7600M XT with 8GB memory. This addition aims to boost graphics performance for portable gaming systems and slim laptops. Notably, the incorporation of OCulink support, as previously revealed, is garnering attention in the eGPU community.


The company has affirmed the inclusion of OCulink, offering excellent compatibility with USB4 eGPU connections. This guarantees the OneXGPU’s adaptability, whether the system supports eGPU connection through USB4 or OCulink. Notably, OCulink boasts an enhanced bandwidth of 63 Gbps, surpassing the limitations of Thunderbolt 3/4 and USB4 connections, which are capped at 40 Gbps.

The OneXGPU boasts a valuable feature in its integrated M.2 SSD port, functioning on the PCIe 2.0 standard. Although constrained by the connection’s limitations, this specification enables gamers not only to enhance external GPU capabilities but also to expand storage for their games.


The device comes equipped with a versatile range of display connections, comprising two HDMI ports and two DisplayPorts. Furthermore, it includes four USB Type-A connectors and one Type-C, although the specific versions of these connectors have not been officially confirmed. Additionally, it features an Ethernet port.

OneNetbook has promptly set up an Indiegogo website for the system. However, it’s worth noting that the system is not currently available for ordering. As a general precaution, we advise against preordering hardware, particularly if it hasn’t been independently tested by the media. Nevertheless, OneNetbook has built a solid reputation as a reputable company with a diverse array of gaming systems, such as their OneXplayer handhelds. Therefore, concerns should be minimal, if any.

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Via Indiegogo