Online Casino and Game Software Market Upcoming Trends

The online casino and gaming industry is one of the greatest beneficiaries of global trends and innovations. Every year this market experiences significant changes that have been welcomed by both consumers and the service providers in this industry. This article aims to look at some of the most notable trends that are going to be a part of this industry over the next few years.

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Upcoming Trends in Online Casinos and the Game Software Market

Technology Trends

Sports betting and software

The sports sector has come a long way, and there have been different technologies surrounding the same industry recently. For instance, sports betting has become a lot easier for gamblers through the use of odds. When gambling in sports, ODDS are quite vital, as they give you the stakes, which will help you make a sound decision when placing the bet. They tell you how likely it is for an event to take place. For instance, when choosing to bet between Manchester united and Arsenal, both teams will have different odds, which show the likelihood of either of them winning. This can guide you into picking the right team. Mostly the team with the highest odds gives you the highest pay if it wins. Generally, it is up to the player to decide where he or she lies on.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is not a new arrival and has notably increased traffic to online casinos over the last few years. Players no longer have to download mobile apps in order to enjoy the full quality and service of online casinos. Thanks to this innovation players are able to enjoy a wide range of games across a wide variety of devices without the need for additional third party mobile applications to interface with online casinos. All they need is their phone browser to access the online sites that are compatible with almost every browser. Data is stored on the internet hence the game is faster, gameplay is smooth, more convenient and doesn’t use up space on players’ devices. Besides, you might be interested to know how using a VPN on your phone can make your gaming better.


Online Casinos have started incorporating crytpocurrency in their systems as a mode of payment and this trend is expected to take proper hold in 2020. Transactions using cryptocurrency are considered more convenient as they are faster and cheaper due to the absence of many exchanges. In addition cryptocurrency ensures the users privacy and safety which is quite appealing for gamblers who want to stay anonymous. In the online gambling industry privacy and security are priorities, hence the preference for crypto which is believed to be safe from identity theft and hacking. The demand for cryptocurrency keeps increasing in the iGaming industry and is definitely a welcome trend.

Live streaming

It is not uncommon to crave the unique and specific energy that comes with a busy land based casino. If this is the case, you should definitely try a live casino online. This service is run by simulating a genuine casino experience complete with live dealers and live dealer rooms where players can compete with other players in real-time. Latest innovations in technology have even made it possible for players to access live casinos on their mobile phones. This trend has a lot of potential and if incorporated with VR could bring a whole new experience to online casinos.

For instance, over recent times, gamers have been asking if monopoly live is as good as it says. Well, that’s for the fans to find out.

Video channels and communities

Many Online Casinos and Software providers have availed online communities and video channels for their consumers to participate in. Here, players get to accept challenges from fellow players of the game providers, play community slots, chat with other players and developers, review games, watch professional gameplay and participate in discussion boards. This trend goes hand in hand with mobile gambling as players get to participate in these communities straight from their handsets. This trend has been facilitated by platforms such as YouNow, YouTube Gaming, Meerkat, Twitch and Periscope. These communities also offer a platform for creators to interact with consumers who also get to watch and participate in live events. Communities are a good way to build franchise loyalty and obtain consumer feedback which is a plus for content creators and service providers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality keeps getting better and more adaptable to our daily routines. VR has been incorporated in a great many industries and online casinos are not to be left behind given their affinity for innovation. An emerging trend has seen the incorporation of VR in gaming to give players a more interactive and immersive experience. In online casinos VR technology is intended to make it easy for players to communicate with each other and give the feel of a land based casino Casino players get to enjoy virtual card games and 3D slots. This could be ideal for experienced players and those interested in the local casino experience. While VR equipment used to seem pricey, there are affordable alternatives especially when it comes to mobile users.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a great big part of the future. It is already part of our daily routines however as seen with search engines such as google that use AI to give users a personalized experience. In online gaming AI is used for chat bots on casino sites and for customer support using mobile virtual assistants. This has come in handy to give quick and reliable service to consumers which is a major necessity in this industry. AI has also eliminated the need for numerous staff. The benefits here are however debatable depending on one’s point of view.

Block chain Casinos

Casinos are already using block chain to make sure processing is fast and anonymous, prevent manipulation of data on player and casino transactions and to independently audit game fairness. This new trend has a lot of potential and is becoming quite popular among casino operators.

Consumer-end Trends

This is a trend that has been carried over from the previous decade and will probably get more emphasis in 2020 and the years to come. It has been prove n that consumers want to be involved in creating content for their favourite games which they can then share with the rest of the community. This is a prospect career path for many pre-teens and the market intends to tap into that. Currently the most popular creators happen to be celebrities. Enthusiasts can now able to express themselves and get involved with their favourite brands and franchises. The gamers get to have a say in the game and as a result the games are centred on actual user preferences and needs.

Business Trends

One trend that this market is slowly adopting is gaming as a service. Retail selling and blockbuster launches are being out phased. Business models are being redesigned to supply games across all screens and as a result the organization that used to deliver a successful game has had to change. Engagement time has become the new measure for revenues. Research show that companies that have used this model, where their revenue is not only from the game but the franchise are now the market leaders in esports.

It is predicted that online casinos are progressively becoming mainstream. Innovation as played a big role in the dynamism of this industry and has consequently triggered some of the most notable trends. This market is slowly going to be able to operate at levels so advanced that consumers and businesses will both be able to get the most out of this vibrant industry. These trends should be keenly observed and welcomed as they give rise to opportunities across the board.