Online Casino in the Sky- The All New Future of In-Flight Entertainment

The Internet is present almost everywhere. The popularity of internet can be estimated by its growing demand and the number of people accessing it every day. From banking to shopping, reading to gaming, the internet has made its way in every sphere of our life.

The dominance of internet in our lives is unmatched but there still is a domain devoid of the internet- Flights in the air. We would probably expect all the flights to be laced with high-speed internet. But in reality, a handful of flight companies allow access to the facility of internet. In fact, laptops have been barred from the list of carry-ons in many countries. Barring of laptops is still acceptable, but that cannot be applied to the mobile phones. There is hardly anyone who can stay away from a mobile phone these days. Mobiles have certainly given a huge boost to online casinos.

Flights and Online Casino- a good match, is it?
It is quite surprising that the flight companies haven’t yet made access to internet compulsory. Though the scenario is expected to change soon, as the carriers are always in favour of methods boosting revenues. They try to come up with various method of in-flight entertainment. With the increasing popularity of online casinos, one can expect availability of such online slots games in flights soon. Scratch tickets/cards are available in few carriers.

Quite surprisingly, airline companies are eager to offer online casinos to their customers. They already offer a wide range of movies, shows and music to choose from. It is, in fact, the perfect form of entertainment to offer. And anyway who doesn’t love the idea of making money amidst the clouds! Casinos are providing with slots and games that can be played on the tablet screens in front of the seats. It is indeed an interesting way of recreation during those boring flights.

But dedicated gamblers need more than just scratch tickets. They, in fact, would love to play Poker, Bingo, Slots, and other online casino games to play during their flights.

Virtual Reality in the Sky
The virtual reality industry in the air is growing at quite an appreciable pace and is expected to make its way in the airline companies soon. This sure is going to make the experience of flying admirable. Online casinos are easy to get on virtual reality and innumerable virtual reality slots and games are available for the entertainment of the commuters every day.

The Working Procedure
It will be controlled and powered by the internet. The most prominent difficulty is regarding jurisdiction. Rules regarding jurisdiction on land and in air may not be same most of the time. These can be set by using the policy similar to that used by riverboat casinos. Also, any person with age above 18, can avail the facility of online casino. The other difficulty is the declaration of the money won, upon landing. The Internet comes into play in such situation. If the gamblers are given access to the internet while indulging in casino games, this issue can be rectified.

So, get ready to experience the magic of your favourite casino game, the next time you are in the sky!

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