OUYA Game Console First Impressions

Final Thoughts
There’s a major potential here. Android is here to stay. Buy a game on Ouya, and it’ll likely play for a very long time, given that Android’s backwards compatibility promises. The Ouya Development Kit is open source and free to all, so game and software developers can hopefully find the platform easy and rewarding to develop for.


This little thing is made to sit by your TV, out of the way. It is also made to go with you on trips, sit in your car, or a variety of other places. The only caveat is that it seems most of the games want Internet access at least at the start, but a few of the games I tried worked fine without it. I would like to see Ouya direct developers to handle Internet-less situations better.
There are some rough spots, but expect criticisms to be quickly addressed in these early days. Not two weeks ago, getting onto WPA2 secure wireless was painful. Now, it just works. At the beginning of June, there was no purchase PIN feature available. After one user complained about his child running up a $300 bill, not only did the dev refund the money, but OUYA implemented the controls in the next update. How much awesome support would you expect to see from Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony on something like that? There have been a bunch of firmware updates, and I’m sure that there will be plenty more as more gamers buy the fledgling console.

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