Over 1,044,000 Cheaters Have Been Banned In PUBG Last Month

Cheaters are always a problem in online multiplayer games, especially in the more popular ones. Of course one of the most popular games out right now is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and just last month over 1 million players have been banned from the game for cheating.


BattlEye confirmed that they have banned over 1,044,000 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds cheaters in January alone, and that things seem to be escalating.

battle eye

Last week the PUBG team confirmed that they will soon launch a new anti-cheat solution to try and limit cheaters. An early version of this new solution should go live sometime this week:

We sympathize with the inconvenience that our players are experiencing due to cheat programs and we are doing our best to fight those who create, distribute and use cheats. We have established a dedicated team to focus on combating cheat programs and have developed a new anti-cheat solution internally.

We will be introducing an early version of the solution on our live servers next week. Its main focus for now is blocking unauthorized programs but it will be further developed to broaden the scope of its abilities. This feature will also block different helper programs that alter the graphics or aid in gameplay in some way. Some programs that do not affect gameplay may be blocked temporarily as we hone the new anti-cheat features. We are checking the programs that are being blocked on the test servers and will allow the use of harmless programs as quickly as possible

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