Overwatch 2: Invasion is Here With New Adventures, and More

Overwatch 2: Invasion is here, and packed with a new hero, a new seasonal Battle Pass, and a new core PvP game mode. We’re also bringing new Invasion Story Missions, a limited-time Co-op Event, and new ways to practice and celebrate your achievements with your favorite heroes. Let’s check out everything that you can expect in the new update!

Overwatch 2: Invasion

Illari is the newest Support Hero to join the ranks in Overwatch 2. What sets Illari apart from other Support heroes is that she has a very damage-focused kit, so that you can heal your team while dominating the opposition. Her Solar Rifle fires a beam of sunlight that can do powerful burst damage at long-range, or use it to heal allies around you. She also can support her team with a deployable Healing Pylon granting bursts of health to allies around it. Her Outburst ability will knock enemies back and propel herself out of danger. When you need to turn up the heat, use Captive Sun and fire a massive ball of solar energy. Opponents hit by this ultimate ability will be Sun Struck, making them vulnerable to lethal explosions if they take too much damage. Unlock Illari immediately when you get the Premium Battle Pass, or wait to unlock her on tier 45 for free. You can also unlock Illari—and all the heroes in Overwatch—with the new Overwatch 2 Complete Hero Collection, now available in the In-Game Shop.

A global invasion has begun, and it’s up to you to answer the call, with Invasion Story Missions! The rogue Omnic group, Null Sector, has begun attacking Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, and Gothenburg, using powerful war bots to defeat anything that stands in their way. Winston and his Overwatch strike team are on a mission to stop Null Sector, and they’ll need to rely on allies – old and new – to get the job done.

Overwatch 2: Invasion

Invasion Story Missions are deep and expansive co-op experiences where a team of four players will work to complete multiple mission objectives across massive maps. You won’t find this kind of teamwork in traditional PvP play. The heroes choices are custom selected for each particular Story Mission as well, and you can challenge yourself with four different levels of difficulty.

Get started today with the Overwatch 2: Invasion Bundle, which grants permanent access to the Invasion Story Missions and 1,000 Overwatch Coins, which can be used to purchase the Invasion Premium Battle Pass or more cosmetics for your favorite heroes. Once you complete all Invasion Story Missions, you’ll also unlock the Vigilante Legendary skin and permanent access to Sojourn as a playable hero in all PVP game modes.

You can also upgrade to the Overwatch 2: Invasion Ultimate Bundle. This massive collection includes everything in the Overwatch 2 Invasion Bundle, the Premium Battle Pass &20 tiers, an additional 1,000 Overwatch Coins, and two exclusive Null Sector-themed Legendary skins for Cassidy and Kiriko.

Both bundles are available in our in-game shop today!

The Invasion Premium Battle Pass is packed with over 80 tiers of new rewards. Included are all-new legendary skins for Winston, Symmetra, and Zarya, up to 2,000 Overwatch Credits to unlock legacy cosmetics from the Hero Gallery, new sprays, voice lines, name cards, player icons, and more. Complete the Battle Pass, and you’ll unlock the Null Sector-themed A-7000 Mythic Skin for Ana, which transforms sharpshooting support hero into an advanced Null Sector combat bot.

Starting today, you can team up in an exciting limited-time co-op event that will further test your skills against the forces of Null Sector. King’s Row is under siege, and you will need to work together with your friends to save the Omnics trapped in the Underworld before Null Sector can get to them. You’ll explore all new parts of the King’s Row map as you work to bring a combat-modified TS-1 push bot online and then escort it to defeat the enemy forces that stand in your way.

Overwatch 2: Invasion

This free-to-play co-op event will also have new challenges every week for you to test your skills and earn new rewards. Play King’s Row: Underworld today through September 4.

Introducing Flashpoint – a brand-new core game mode, which takes a lot of the fun mechanics of our other modes and creates a whole new PvP experience.

Randomized control points, called Flashpoints, unlock different and unique strategies. Each time a Flashpoint is captured, the next immediately unlocks for non-stop action. Capture three before your opponents, and you’ll win the match!

Flashpoint is hosted on two brand new maps, Suravasa and New Junk City. The maps are the largest we’ve built for PvP gameplay and offer tons of striking visuals and nods to Overwatch’s history. Suravasa in India is an exotic cityscape with gardens, fountains, and lagoons, and you’ll recognize the map’s connections to our existing lore with Zenyatta and Symmetra. New Junk City, the heart of the Junker’s domain in Australia, goes beyond the gates of Junkertown, where you’ll explore new battle arenas and the salvaged Omnium that the Junkers call home. Flashpoint is available in Quick Play and can be played exclusively in a limited-time arcade mode starting today. It will be added to the Competitive map pool later once you’ve had a chance to familiarize themselves with its nuances.

We’re excited to bring a whole new Player Progression system to Overwatch 2. This new player progression system will be able to track your progress and achievements with specific heroes, roles, and game modes, earning all-new badges that celebrate those achievements that will appear with your hero portrait and BattleTag throughout the game. In addition, you’ll also unlock new rewards, including hero-themed player icons, name cards, and titles that celebrate your progress as a player with your favorite heroes.

We’ve also made new updates to our practice range including all-new practice bots and a new firing range to test your skills with heroes you already play or new ones you want to learn with. Pick from targets or bots, and adjust the distance of your targets and how they move for full skill tests.

This latest update also brings a variety of new hero balance updates to PVP. Notable changes include improving Bastion’s Tactical Grenade to have more impact and shifting the power in Kiriko’s Kunai and Protection Suzu. You can read up on these changes and more in the latest patch notes and learn more about context behind some of the changes from game director Aaron Keller’s latest blog.

Overwatch 2: Invasion is now live and available for major platforms! Answer the call and save the world today!

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