OWC Announces Memory Upgrades for the New iMac

OWC (Other World Computing) has recently announced that a memory upgrade kit will be available for the 2013 iMac models of 27 inches. This newest memory upgrade by OWC will be available in different variants which will range from 8 GB till 32 GB. With memory extensions influencing consumer choice and being so influential nowadays, this was a clever offer by OWC.


This kit is going to feature all the memory configurations which are usually not available with the iMacs and if same capacity memory extensions are bought from factories, they can cost a fortune. Hence, with these memory extensions, customers will be able to save at least $240. The kit comes with a lifetime warranty by OWC and just all other kits have been equipped with demonstrations on videos, this memory extension kit also features a video demo which directs the procedure for installation.

Once you upgrade the memory with this memory extension kit from OWC, you will have access to more and better options and a considerable improvement in the overall performance will also be visible. Apple users will be able to expand the storage space for better performance and this will be done in affordable prices as opposed to the expensive memory options from Apple itself. The installation of this memory upgrade, which will unlock the true and maximum potential of the machine, takes only a few minutes and the instructions are easy to follow.

For the installation of this kit, only a few modules of RAM slots will have to be installed in the right place; the newest iMac 27 inch models have a memory panel on the rear and this panel holds the RAM slots. The biggest attraction to the Apple users will be the cost reduction and the amount of money which they can save. As compared to Apple charging $600 for their 32 GB memory extension, the OWC for the same memory capacity is available for only $359.

Source: OWC | News Archive