Palit Launches Limited Edition GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GamingPro In White

Palit’s most recent announcement unveils the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GamingPro, featuring a new color palette. The graphics card boasts an all-white aesthetic, except for the standard black appearance of the PCB. Palit had previously released a very similar card based on the RTX 4080 SKU, potentially even utilizing the same cooler. This card was distributed as a giveaway in December of the previous year, and there have been no updates on any new models since then.

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In Palit’s lineup, which mostly features dark gray or black designs, the GamingPro White stands out as a unique departure. While the company hasn’t provided a specific reason for labeling this card as a Limited Edition, it is believed to commemorate Palit’s 35-year presence in the PC market. Reports from Japanese media confirm that the card has been made available through the country’s retail channels, hinting that the release might not be as restricted as the name suggests.

The graphics processing unit (GPU) is impressively large, sporting a triple-fan cooler that occupies 2.5 slots and has a length of 32.8 cm. Furthermore, it necessitates either a 12VHWPR cable or, as an alternative, two regular 8-pin cables used in conjunction with an adapter.

Operating at an boosted clock speed of 2670 MHz, the overclocking represents a conservative increase of 2.3%. The graphics card functions within a power limit of 285W, in line with the established norm for this particular model. Based on the AD104 GPU architecture, it incorporates a substantial 7680 CUDA cores and boasts 12GB of GDDR6X memory across a 192-bit interface.

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It’s worth mentioning that Palit is currently running a giveaway for this card, which involves engaging in creative tasks and meme creation. For more information, you can visit the details provided in this Facebook post.

Source & Images: Videocardz