Parents Are Paying For Fortnite Lessons For Their Kids

The popularity of Fortnite is quite impressive. While the game may seem simple, there are quite a few players who have an incredible amount of skill at the game. Famous players like Ninja and others a looked up to by many and with that many kids want to be able to play like him. A recent report has come out that parents are paying for coaches to help them become better at the game.


I guess these days its the same as a child getting guitar lessons or going to sports practice. eSports is huge and kids want to become better at certain games so parents are paying for coaching. How much you ask? Lessons can go anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour.

One parent, Ally Hicks, paid $50 for four hours of online coaching for her son, saying “there’s pressure not to just play it but to be really good at it.” Another parent, Nick Mennen, said that coaching had helped his son rack up multiple wins a day in the battle royale.

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