Patriot Reveals White Viper Xtreme DDR5 Memory For MPOWER Motherboard In Collaboration With MSI

Patriot has teamed up with MSI to introduce its latest Viper DDR5 memory, showcasing a sleek white design. While April Fool’s jokes abound, particularly in the tech sector, there are reputable companies like Patriot who prioritize transparency with their customers. In a recent announcement on their official platform, Patriot disclosed their collaboration with MSI for their upcoming memory modules, part of the “Viper Xtreme 5” series, featuring DDR5 memory technology.

We don’t have specific details on the type of DDR5 module the new Xtreme might be, but if we compare it to the current “Black” version, it could potentially offer speeds up to 8200MT/s or even higher, given Patriot’s collaboration with MSI. The MSI-Patriot models boast a white design with an RGB strip running along the memory module, similar to other options on the market. Additionally, Patriot has partnered with ASUS’s TUF Gaming for their Viper Elite 5 memory modules, featuring a large white-colored heat spreader adorned with Patriot branding.


Given that the Patriot Viper DDR5 White memory is tailored for use with the MSI Z790MPOWER motherboard, we anticipate impressive overclocking capabilities and high speeds right out of the box. The MPOWER motherboard already boasts support for DDR5-8000+ memory at an attractive price of just $199 US, making it an excellent and budget-friendly choice for memory overclockers and enthusiasts.

Although there’s no official word on the release date or pricing yet, we anticipate Patriot will provide updates soon, especially now that April Fools has passed and the announcement has been made.

Source: Patriot