Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad Review

Final Thoughts

Putting together a conclusion about a mouse pad seems a bit funny at first. After all, it is just a mouse pad, right? Well, in this case there is a bit more to it. The Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad, as its name implies, offers a bit of RGB lighting around the edges and on the Viper logo, that can be adjusted by the in-line control module on the mouse pad’s cable. Being configured by a physical button has its pros and cons; lack of software limits the lighting modes and options available, but also makes the installation process that much simpler.

Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad Desk Large

As far as its performance as a mousing surface, we think the Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad does quite well. While a hard surface may not be our personal preference, we know that many users like a solid surface to work with. If the pad was available in a soft version, or even a hybrid model that allowed you to choose your surface type, it would really improve the value of the product.

Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad Pad12 Large

Speaking of value, the Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad retails for $39.99, which is a bit steep in our opinion. Without a software package allowing for more lighting customization, and even synchronization with other Patriot products, the Viper pad is a step behind other RGB mouse pad offerings. That being said, if you are looking for a bit more RGB in your setup and don’t need or want total color control or lighting effect customization options, then the Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad might be just for you. We give it a 7 out of 10.

rating7 10

– No bump/hump for USB cord connection
– Rubber base keeps pad in place
– Hassle-free setup

– No software to customize lighting
– Only available in one surface type – hard plastic