Patriot Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad Review


There really isn’t any setup involved with the Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad, aside from plugging it in for a bit of power via the USB cable. Since there is no software used to control the lighting, this pad is compatible with nearly any device that can supply the required voltage via a USB Type-A connector. Simply connect the pad to your system of choice, place the pad in your desired location and get your game on!

We tested the Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad with multiple mice including Patriot’s very own V570, which features ceramic mouse feet, along with the Corsair Harpoon RGB with PTFE feet, and the AZIO ATOM which features PTFE feet as well. While our personal preference for a mouse pad surface is cloth, the plastic surface of the Viper pad proved to be a great match for all of our mice. The ceramic pads of the V570 really glide nicely across the surface, which is why we like ceramic mouse feet so much. The PTFE feet of the other mice tested provided a slightly higher resistance to movement, but still less than that of a cloth surface.

When it comes to illumination, the Viper Gaming LED Mouse Pad left us wanting in a few ways. First, we really would have liked to see more than six lighting zones. With only six zones, the color transitions between areas is a bit jarring, and not as smooth as other RGB mouse pad implementations we have seen. Second, with no software support, we are limited to the built-in functionality of the included cord and controller. There’s no way to add lighting effects or set each lighting zone to a certain color with this mouse pad, something that is available from other manufacturers.

That being said, we think the six colors offered look pretty good, so have a look at a little gallery below.

In addition to the six static colors seen above, there are a few different lighting effects available: Breath, Gradient Radar (Clockwise), Gradient, Gradient Radar (Counter-Clockwise), Gradient Breathe, Static, and Off. Below we show a few examples of the Gradient and Gradient Radar.