PC DRAM Price Hike Will Subside During Q3 2021

Back in April 2021, the research firm TrendForce warned that increase in the demand of PC DRAM will affect PC DRAM prices. During Q2, the firm projected a 23 to 28 percent PC DRAM price increase with a 23% maximum increase in the average selling price (ASP).

trendforce dram q3 2021

Now the firm has different projections for Q3 2021. TrendForce forecasts that PC DRAM prices will only increase by 3 to 8 percent quarter-over-quarter. As per TrendForce, “most of these brands are still carrying about 8-10 weeks’ worth of PC DRAM inventory,” which accounts for the smaller price increase for Q3.

Do consider the supply constraints PC DRAM is suffering from due to the huge amounts reserved for the server market. Memory suppliers are emphasizing upon the server market, which will face a 5 to 10 percent increase in Q3 2021 as projected.

The PC DRAM, server DRAM, and graphics DRAM segments are expected to experience a smaller price increase, but the situation is totally different with the mobile DRAM market. A 13 percent increase was observed during Q2, but the figure can max out at 15% for Q3 2021. The restricted supplies in the smartphone markets are responsible for this trend.

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The prices are still increasing but with a little less intensity. Consumers can expect a stable memory supply in Q4, which will level out prices in 2022.