Perfect Relationship Between a Man and the Internet

In spite of the obvious and undeniable progress of evolution, a man lives by his needs and instincts. If his requirements are met, a person is experiencing encouraging emotions and acquires some life energy. This is a natural response to a positive stimulus. Naturally, the needs are divided into inferior and superior ones. The internet is so firmly inserted into our lives that have eventually become a necessity, and often is listed as a superior one. On an equal basis with face-to-face communication, receiving information through reading books and newspapers, magazines, television viewing, staying online satisfies the human need for socialization. Thanks to the Internet and its wide spread people are now permanently free of the fear of loneliness. Internet is a source of positive emotions, and as a consequence, it provides us with life energy. This motivates a person to use the Internet further, again and again.

It is an idyllic picture a perfect relationship between a man and the internet, is not it? We all dream of such a relationship with the surrounding environment, certainly positive and generating only pleasant emotions. We dream about a relationship that would satisfy all our wishes, meet all our requirements, we dream about a partner, who will always take care of us in a way even our own mother did not manage to. However, how frequent those dreams coincide with the reality? Alas, not as often as we would like it to. Partners with the passage of time often turn out to be unreliable; any relationship may someday bring you pain and disappointment. Even the Internet, which seems to be a rather devoted partner and comrade. The Internet can betray our dreams as easily as we flip through the chronicle on a Facebook page.

There are so many professionals that stay away from their families and work in different cities, countries, and continents. It is not everyday that you would like to meet up with your friends or colleagues and head over to the bar, or have a house party. There are times when you just want to be alone, do things that can help calm you down and enjoy the solitude that comes with it. One such way that you can do that is to order some takeout, download a great movie or tv series from RARBG, put your cellphone on airplane mode and just enjoy the moment without being disturbed by anything or anyone.

Of course, the betrayal could be of different kinds. However, the kind of betrayal to which the Internet connection at your household is capable of does not go to any comparison with all the others. Internet connection can let you down at the most crucial moments.

For example, imagine that all day you have dreamed of coming home, opening a can of cold beer, sitting on the couch and watching online a very important broadcast of a decisive match of your favorite football team. You have done all this, you came home, you took can of beer, you sat on the couch, being almost in eagerness, you opened the laptop, went to the appropriate site and discovered that the transmission comes in spurts, the image freezes, the buffering takes a few minutes, the commentators’ text is almost unheard. Here you have a dream, savagely ruined by the low speed of regular Internet connection. And you shall afflict, close your laptop, put can of beer back in the fridge and go to bed brokenhearted.

Or imagine that early in the morning you have appointed a conversation on Skype with your daughter, who had gone to the university in another country. You have not spoken to your beloved girl for almost a month, you miss her awfully. You wonder how she lives, how well is she settled, whether everything is alright. You crave so desperately for this conversation that you almost cannot sleep. All of your being is filled with love and joyful anticipation. You were afraid that she will forget about you, that she will no longer be interested in talking with you, you were afraid of losing the connection with your only child. Here, finally, the appointed hour comes. You grab your iPad, you are eagerly looking for her name in the contact list, you dial the her number. And your daughter answers you! You can see her face, her smile; it has been long since you have been as cheerful. It takes a few moments for you to realize that your daughter’s face froze with an unnatural expression, you can see her lips moving, but you only hear noise. And then the call terminates. You will receive a message – “Mom, you have a bad connection, let’s talk next time”. And you feel yourself rejected, betrayed, and your dreams trampled by ruthless regular internet connection.

What is usually the reason for this is relentless betrayal? One of the laws of the universe says that whatever happens to us is no punishment or reward, but only the result of our own decisions and actions, conscious or unconscious. So the question stands – what actions have you committed or not committed to get a betrayal of the Internet as a result? Virgin Media knows the answer. You have never stopped to reflect on what to do to avoid the destruction of your dreams. Admit it: you have never imagined that it is possible to challenge your broadband.

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