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In this mobile age that we live it anything that proves to be convenient is usually a hit with the majority and as technology continues to advance in leaps and bounds what is possible is far exceeding our expectations.

Who Would Have Thought?

Back in 2007 who would have thought that we would to come to rely on our smartphones to such an extent as we do? We shop and pay for goods and services online, book concert tickets, book holiday pay for our weekly shops, keep a track on our health, in fact we have come to rely on our smartphones for so much that to have it stolen or heaven forbid, we leave it in the back of a taxi is tantamount to a minor disaster!

Optimising for the Mobile Market

It was the savvy companies that saw the potential of the mobile market and one of the industries that was light years ahead of its competitors relating to the mobile market was the gambling industry.

The gambling industry has changed beyond recognition over the last decade or so – it’s fully regulated and has strict rules that any online casino site needs to adhere to in order to receive a gambling license.

With strict security measures put into place, licensed sites promise to keep their players private details confidential, but still there are those that would love to have a few games but are reluctant to do so.

Helping to Keep You Safe

Unfortunately, as the popularity of the internet increased and more people went online to source their goods, services and entertainment so a criminal element appeared whose sole intention was to hack into and steal personal information and that included banking details.

This resulted in the online casino sites tightening up even further their security measures, it also saw the introduction of banking options that do not even need a player to give their online casino site any banking details at all.

Pay Using Your Phone Bill

The mobile phone bill casinos that we can find nowadays ensure that no hacker is able to access your banking details as you do not have to give any in – safe and secure using either your pay-as-you-go account or your monthly bill to pay for your games is the preferred method for many players.

  • All you need to do is choose the ‘pay by mobile’ option when you want to make a deposit.
  • You will then be directed to the right page and will have to tap in your phone number (this is a one-time process)
  • You will be sent a SMS to let you know all is well
  • Choose how much to deposit (there is a daily £30 limit at the time of writing)
  • You will be asked to confirm
  • Funds will be sent instantaly to your casino account
  • A SMS will confirm that your payment has been successful

Pay by phone might show up as BOKU or Payforit on the site – your monthly bill will show the amount deposited and there will be a phone number to use if you have any queries.

And that’s it! Simple, convenient and safe – something that we all are in favour of when dealing with our own hard-earned money.

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