Portable Gas Stove Turned Into A Powerful PC By A Modder

A PC modder made a contemporary PC from portable gas burner to display their sense of humor. There will be no need for gas with the implanted CPU as a heat source, although it may take a little longer to cook your breakfast.

A video of the PC gas stove construction was posted on a social networking site. The stove seems normal at first glance, but there appears to be a fan in the central region where the gas flames normally radiate. The modder then ignites the stove by twisting the ignition dial. We notice a ring of pulsating RGB illumination instead of the normal blue gas flames.

No, it’s not some innovative halogen or induction stovetop that’s been developed recently. As the video continues, it becomes clear that there is some PSU where the gas canister would normally be. The PC’s internals is then exposed when the hob part is swung up by its rear hinge.

The video, first uploaded on a DIY and Home Décor TikTok video gallery by Vietnam-based Sunoshop, has gone viral on the PC Master Race subreddit. Redditors generally made fun of the PC builder, saying that if he had managed to fit an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and an Intel Core i9-13900K inside the “chassis,” the portable gas burner could easily be utilized for cooking.

According to research, the stove utilized as the PC modding platform is just 4.7 inches (120mm) thick, with the contained area around half that. A standard RTX 4090 design is 2.4 inches (61mm) thick; however, as shown in the project’s interior pictures, the motherboard’s CPU socket and top-down cooling fan sit virtually immediately under the center of the hob and massive RGB fan region. Because there is very little excess space, in this case, the motherboard’s PCIe slot, which might house a GPU, is vacant.

Given that some overclocked custom GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards may reach 600W or more under stress, it is reasonable that people joke about them being an excellent source of heat. However, we do not advocate utilizing a GPU to prepare meals.

Via Hot Hardware