PowerColor Unveils Water Cooled R9 390X Devil 13

This looks to be the first Radeon R9 300 series graphics card that we’ve seen at Computex! It is the PowerColor R9 390X Devil 13 and it has a custom hybrid cooling design with a closed loop 120 mm radiator system cooling the GPU and a 120 mm fan cooling the cards VRMs.

PowerColor R9 390X Devil 13

The design is quite aggressive and I say it looks sort of “transformer” like! The main part of the cooler shroud is black with red accents and then the end of the card is silver with the black cooling fan. PowerColor did not reveal the speeds or temperatures of the card, but we could expect clock speeds of 1100 MHz and above! PowerColor has also outfitted the card with a nice metal backplate that says “Hybrid” on it.

PowerColor R9 390X Devil 13

The card is quite thick, being 2+ PCI-Express slot widths thick. The radiator as we mentioned is a 120 mm model and comes with a high static pressure 120 mm cooling fan. The tubing is quite long so you should be able to fit this in lower PCI-Express slots if needed. The card draws power from a combination of 8pin and 6pin PCI-Express connectors.

PowerColor R9 390X Devil 13

This is looking to be PowerColor’s flagship R9 390X model, expect other custom-cooled version of the card to be revealed soon!

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