PowerColor Will Sell Newly Designed Custom Backplates For Radeon RX 7900 Red Devil GPUs

For its new Red Devil series, PowerColor will reportedly be enhancing its selection of custom backplates. For individuals who didn’t purchase the Limited Edition or prefer something different, those backplates will be offered individually. The company recently teased a new backplate design. This backplate is expected to hit the market next year. According to what we have heard, the aim is to add more designs later.

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It’s worth noting that this backplate will only fit Radeon RX 7900 series cards, neither AMD standard designs nor PowerColor’s Hellhound. There is no information about other Red Devil GPUs, but if those plates were compatible with, for example, the RX 7800/7700 series, should they have comparable dimensions, that would be interesting.

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Via Powercolor