Intel Meteor Lake Confirmed To Support LGA1851 Socket And LPDDR5X-7500 Memory

Intel has some hidden information on their upcoming products. Although the data is not readily available, a publicly accessible web sitemap lists the titles of documents that are withheld. ComputerBase was the one to notice this. Those titles contain just the most basic information about impending desktop, server, and laptop devices.

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To begin, consider the LGA1851 socket. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the new platform for the next desktop CPUs. Benchlife first noticed this socket in June of this year. The documentation does not certify Arrow Lake-S compatibility with this socket, but it does confirm Meteor Lake-S.

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The 14th Generation Core series is built for the LGA1851 socket, which is the same size as the LGA1700 socket now used for the Alder/Raptor Lake series. It is uncertain why Meteor Lake requires a new connection in the first place; however, it was disclosed that the IHS is somewhat higher, potentially due to a more sophisticated multi-tile packing technique utilized for the series.

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As a result, Intel has verified that the LGA1851 socket exists and is even built for the Meteor Lake-S processor. There’s no need to think the Arrow Lake-S won’t work with the socket either. Furthermore, leaked documents include information about the forthcoming Meteor cellphone series’ memory support. LPDDR5X-7500 memory is said to be supported by the P-series.

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Image Credits: Benchlife