PUBG Corp Suing Epic Games Over “Fortnite” Battle Royal Mode

PUBG Corporation, the developer of “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” (PUBG) is suing Epic Games for “copyright infringement” and “plagiarism” in their ever-popular online multiplayer game “Fortnite”. PUBG was definitely one of the most popular games of 2017, selling over 45 million copies of the game. Fortnite was also released in 2017, but initially only included a tower-defense mode called “Save the World”. When Epic Games released the “Battle Royale” mode for Fortnite it seems PUBG Corp has a problem with that.


In the complaint, PUBG Corp says that Fortnite Battle Royale mode copies not just PUBG’s gameplay, but also its USP of dropping players in arenas empty-handed, and making them scout out weapons and items so they can survive and hunt down other players. Another complaint is that the user-interface (UI) is heavily borrowed from that of PUBG.

For those who do not know PUBG itself was inspired by Japanese film “Batoru Rowaiaru”, which loosely translates to “Battle Royale.” You can actually check this film out on Netflix (search Battle Royale). Epic Games could use this fact as a defense, saying they are taking inspiration from the film as well.

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