QNAP TS-469L Network Attached Storage Device Review

Final Thoughts
The TS-469L is a great step up from the previous four bay models, including the QNAP TS-409U I reviewed several years ago and a TS-439U-RP, too. I had a desktop TS-409 Pro, as well, and that’s most comparable. The TS-469L is worth the upgrade, given the vastly larger amount of software available now. The TS-*69 series uses ATOM processors, as well, instead of the Marvell chipsets of yore.

It’s presently available in the $600-$700 range at our favorite retailers. I’ve seen it fully loaded with 12 TB storage (4x 3TB) for approximately double that.

ThinkComputers gives the TS-469L Network Attached Storage Device a 9 out of 10 score. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for individual feature reviews, because QTS 4.0 is a massive overhaul of the software powering this device.

– HDMI out for HTPC-style playback!
– USB 3.0
– Dual eSATA, making the unit expandable to six drives

– No front USB 3.0

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